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Arm educators with

ECC Day 254: “Arm educators with...”

Arm educators with:

.proper training to identify and support our children with the increasing mental health challenges that they experience.

.full-time positions at ONE school site to be a school-based mental health provider, who can focus on prevention and responsive services to meet the needs of all students.

.a wellness center on/near campus for students & educators to receive support & tools to grow in their abilities to self-regulate.

.limited steps to access individuals, programs, & organizations outside of school who can adequately serve our children & their families.

.a competitive compensation package with health care benefits that allows them to prioritize their & their family’s mental, physical health & well-being; this will positively impact their students.

.a built-in benefit to access psychological resources - therapy & other services - while they work for a school district. I’m grateful & proud that my district offers this benefit.

.protected time to eat lunch, prepare their lessons, projects, and work towards completing their daily tasks, allowing them time after school to spend with family, friends, and resting.

**Do NOT arm educators with guns. We must not accept these tragedies of school children & their educators dying as part of our kids’ & educators’ & parents’ “norm.” I will not accept this as the “new truth” or “reality.”**

.I will continue to dedicate my career as an educator to stand for what’s best for kids, and the overall well-being of our human race.

.I will do my part to build healthy relationships with students & their families, & be a positive, reliable role model.

.I am committed to provide support to students & families, & refer them to services outside of school, as needed.


Take action: #ChipInForEducation ECC Fundraiser @gofundme OR


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