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It’s Apparent

ECC Day 266: “It’s Apparent”

It’s apparent to me that most parents/guardians I’ve encountered in my career are doing their best to foster their child’s healthy development. For the effort you put in to build an open, communicative, reliable relationship with your child; for the time you share with them to celebrate successes, and to work through the challenges; for the time you take to collaborate with us at school to boost up y(our) kid; for the love of Pearl, thank you for being a healthy, supportive adult in their life. You are needed. They may show it at times, and other times not so obviously; no matter their age, you have opportunities to do right by them, and to demonstrate that it’s apparent you care! Keep at it! Utilize your trusted resources - family, friends, school, faith community, community medical and mental health providers. Remember to take care of yourself, too! They need us to show them examples of healthy, balanced lifestyles.

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