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Oooh, honey kinda day

Oooh, honey. You betta play & practice self-care as an educator if you plan to be healthy & stick wit’it. It’s day 191 of the ECC in that honey bowl: 1/2 & 1/2 rice, honey, chicken, mild, sour cream, lettuce. With honey is lunch for day 192. My school day definitely called for some hoops and walking while I ate my @chipotle . Make time for it. Striving for that balance, right, @misslopez_562 ? Even did a lil’ jig across the street as I heard a @ludacris song in the stopped SUV. A lil’ friendly vibin’ with the driver AND within myself. Inhale...2...3...4....exhale...2...3...4. Rest yo’self.

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