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Proud to be Me

ECC Day 240: “Proud to be Me”

To the person who commented, “f*** you” and “youre gay” on yesterday’s Instagram post: I love you. I hope you feel loved and cared for by people in your life. If you happen to be disguising your profile to hide that you’re one of my students, I hope you reach out to me, especially if you are in need of love and support. Really, no matter who you are, please hear me when I say, I’m here for you.

Saying “f*** you” was rude, and unnecessary. I’m open to hearing you out. I imagine there’s some big thoughts & feelings behind it that likely have nothing to do with me.

You saying “youre gay” would have caused my approximately 6-18 year young self to be defensive - potentially with a snarky response, angry, annoyed; and, if it were later in that time frame, it may have added to the heavy (feeling, at times) weight of being the recipient of those types of terms used in a derogatory way. From 18 years until this very moment, I have grown to be confident, empowered, and damn proud to say that I am gay/lesbian/queer/a woman-who-likes-women. So yeah, you’re correct; I am gay. Thanks for the opportunity to continue keepin’ it real, so that other people, of any age, can go from feeling unloved, unseen, self-conscious, and denying any part of who they are to feeling loved, seen, confident, empowered, and accepting of this part of who they are.



#kindness & #love make my world go round

Help me spread that to educators & students - donate to ECC Fundraiser @gofundme OR #ChipInForEducation 125 days remain

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