✔️Off Bucket List

Feels great to help Momma cross some things off her bucket list: +See Elton John in concert (@eltonjohn 2nd time)✔️ +Cast her green eyed gaze into the beautiful (Pacific) Ocean for the FIRST time! ✔️(✔️off my bucket list to help her achieve this) +Pick some tasty oranges from the tree (she didn’t know this was on her list)✔️ +PALM TREEEEEES (she also didn’t know these were on her list)✔️ Oh yeah, and it’s day 142 of the Educator Chipotle Challenge. Salad bowl with black beans

Mom & Elton are in town!

Loads of love on day 141: from me to Mom being here; from me to Chipotle (salad:black beans, chicken, mild salsa, sour cream, cheese, vinagrette dressing); and from Mom to Elton John! 😉 💜💛 ELTON, WE ARE STOKED TO SEE YOU TONIGHT! I’ll help Mom up to stage if you want some company from a BIIIIIG FAN! 💙 💛💜 #Ellen #EllenDegeneres #TheEllenShow #EllenShow #GetMsEbbeOnYourShow #love #mom #family #challenge #chipotle #fundraiser #GiveBack #EltonJohn #EltonJohnFarewellTour #Mi

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