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Quality Munchkin Time

We swapped places for a few days - she was in Cali while I was in Minnesota. Now we're home - in the same place - and it's time for some quality auntie-munchkin time at the Mall of America's Nickelodeon Universe, and my ride or die, Chipotle. Going strong for 14 years and 121 (consecutive) days. Along side Munchkin's kid's chicken quesadilla meal is auntie's bowl with both rices, chicken, mild and corn salsa, sour cream, and lettuce. Staple ingredients. I had so much fun today with this kiddo. Play is important to me, and I'm glad I have people in my life to remind and support me in practicing it. #Ellen #EllenDegeneres #TheEllenShow #GetMsEbbeOnYourShow #ChipInForEducation #educatorcc #auntie #niece #qualitytime

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