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Team Chipotle!

On 12/18/18 - day 112 of the Educator Chipotle Challenge - we eat Chipotle. I enjoyed my burrito filled with brown rice, chicken, mild salsa, sour cream, cheese & lettuce with the humble, Major League Soccer player, Jalil Anibaba. He’s on holiday break in his hometown of Davis, CA. We had great conversation about educators who have positively impacted his life, and journey to pursue his goals and dreams. With humans, athletes, sons, brothers, teammates like Jalil, making an impact and spreading kindness and love to young people and adults alike, there is hope in humanity. In this together. Stronger together. High-five. Hands in, go team! P.S. Jalil also shares in the love for Chipotle. While he marked 6+ on the survey feedback, this IS his first survey entry. My heart would do backflips if he wins Chipotle for one year. #ellen #ellendegeneres #ellenshow #getmsebbeonyourshow #chipinforeducation #chipotle #educatorcc

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