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No Cost-Costume (Minnesotan)

Don't'cha know, I'm a Minnesotan? So, what better way to support my colleagues' Harry Potter themed Halloween costumes AND put something together from my closet than to be a "Minnesota Muggle?" I also passed for a lumberjack.

Okay, this burrito is no tuna casserole or hamburger rice hot dish, but it was packed with delicious white and brown rice, chicken, mild salsa, sour cream, and lettuce. Was it as good as it looks? Oh, ya, you betcha! Happy Halloween and Day 64 of the ECC!

P.S. - A 7th grader dressed like me - faux hawk, suspenders, glasses, button up shirt - very cute and felt honored. #studentcentered #educator #ellen #chipotle #authenticity #chipinforeducation #challenge

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