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Would you go the distance?

Educator Chipotle Challenge Day 131:

*For whom would you drive in a storm to see? Family, friends, partner, Chipotle

*For whom would you drive a long distance to see? Friends, partner, Chipotle, family

*For whom would you run in the rain with/to see? Partner, Chipotle, family, friends

**Who, who, who’d’ya looooovve?! CHIPOTLE! FAMILY! FRIENDS! PARTNER!

🤔How would you answer these questions? Do the people you name feel the same way, and show through their actions that they care about & love you? Is it reciprocal from your end?

I happily drove in the storm and ran in the rain for my dinner date: Chipotle burrito with a small scoop of brown rice, chicken, mild, sour cream, lettuce.

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