I want to see you smile

ECC Day 322: “I Want To See You Smile” Kari & the crew at West Hillsboro #2700 @chipotle sent me on my way back to Cali with many smiles, great memories during the ECC, and a filling burrito baby!! On my drive, a person about age 14 or 15 waved and smiled at me. No matter how much money we raise to support educators and students (there was another $100 donation today - thank you!!), no matter if I reach all 53 of my Educator Shout Out Interview goals by day 365, 8/28/19, no m

Above & Beyond for Educators

ECC Day 320: “Above & Beyond for Educators” Many educators go above and beyond their duty to serve our children, including buying school supplies, food, and clothes out of their own bank account. Some of these educators are already living paycheck to paycheck, working a second or third job to support themselves and their family. Some of them do not have personal health insurance because they cannot afford it. Depending on the source, the average amount an educator spends of t

Educators’ Impact

ECC Day 319: “Educators’ Impact” @mrapinoe , did an educator believe in you? @beyonce , did an educator encourage you to pursue your dreams? @bradmontague and @iamkidpresident , did an educator contribute to your quest to make the world more awesome? @theellenshow , were you inspired by an educator who demonstrated how to be kind, generous, and respectful towards other people? @michelleobama and @barackobama , have you met an educator who believes in and advocates for the rig

You’re not alone

ECC Day 310 (7/4/19): “You’re not alone 🤗💙” 55 days to #ChipInForEducation by donating to the ECC Fundraiser @gofundme OR Surrounded by chosen family (burrito ;) -- chicken burrito with 1/2 brown, 1/2 white rice, mild, sour cream, cheese, lettuce ) and friends. #Ellen #EllenDegeneres #TheEllenShow #EllenShow #GetMsEbbeOnYourShow #love #connection #keepitreal #chipotle #challenge #fundraiser #GiveBack #MichelleObama #oprah #educator #educators #yolo #Portl

Shifting Thoughts & Habits

ECC Day 309: “Shifting Thoughts & Habits” I heard on the radio today, “You can’t start a new chapter in life if you keep re-reading the last one.” This resonated with me about letting things go from past chapters (ongoing PROCESS), recognizing when undesirable habits resurface, assessing their benefit, and taking action to replace it with a beneficial behavior (also a PROCESS). I’m aware, and am intentional about working through those processes. I can get into an obsessive co


ECC Day 305: “Lovejoy” Love yourself to find your joy. You usually brush your teeth everyday, right? Drink water - some routine habits to maintain or boost your physical health. Our mental health is just as important, and requires regular maintenance. It may be something we don’t think about or do as often. I’m prioritizing my mental health like I do flossing (that took me mm about 28 years to do regularly). Manifesting my lovejoy! Happy birthday month to one of my besties, G

How have you bean?

ECC Day 304: “How have you bean?” How have you bean the last 304 days? I’ve bean: •energized •ecstatic •exactly where I’m meant to be •exhausted •inspired •fulfilled •stressed •joyful •connected •present •pleasantly surprised like I’m liking black beans •sad •disappointed •bummed •high on life •grateful Overall, I’ve bean swell! 61 days to #ChipInForEducation by donating to the ECC Fundraiser @gofundme OR Veggie bowl with brown rice, black beans, veggies, m

Life is Dynamic

ECC Day 303: “Life is Dynamic” “Dynamic (adjective): pertaining to or characterized by energy or effective action; vigorously active or forceful; energetic” @dictionarycom I had energy and a zest for life before the ECC; however, this adventure has leveled up my perspective of how fulfilling and energizing life can be. I’ve leaned in and taken more calculated social risks to gain the reward of connection, to effect change, and spread love and kindness. I love this dynamic lif

Summer Recharge

ECC Day 302: “Summer Recharge” •road trip •quality time with one of my besties @heathercookpdx •took a nap on my first day of summer - glorious •time away from this screen •catching up on balancing checkbook, doctor’s appointments, regular maintenance for my vehicle child •furry baby snuggles and pets •walking - some sort of physical activity •@chipotle —>How do you recharge your internal battery after the school year? #ChipInForEducation by donating to the ECC Fundraiser @go

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