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ECC Learning Targets

ECC Day 255: “Happy Teacher Appreciation Week - ECC Learning Targets”

•By 11:59PM on August 28, 2019, I can demonstrate through 53 video recorded Educator Shout Out Interviews, on @youtube , that I’ve highlighted stories of educators’ positive impact.

•By 11:59PM on August 28, 2019, I can demonstrate through $100,000 raised with the ECC fundraiser that committed action towards meeting a need is possible.

•After 8/28/19, I can demonstrate through transparency of receipts that money you generously donated will purchase supplies & materials that educators need to serve students, and go towards mental health resources/services for K-12 youth in Davis, CA.

•On 8/28/19, I can demonstrate that I’ve successfully & happily met the challenge to eat Chipotle once a day for one year.

•During or after the ECC, I can demonstrate that determination, love, kindness, persistence, & 40+ handwritten letters to @theellenshow will get me a seat on her stage...after we dance onto it, of course.

•On 8/29/19, I can demonstrate from my website, YouTube, & anecdotes that I have made a difference - one student, one educator, one burrito, & one day at a time.

#ChipInForEducation ECC Fundraiser @gofundme OR

bowl with white rice, chicken, honey, mild, sour cream, guac, lettuce

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