ECC FINAL DAY 365!!!!!!

EDUCATOR CHIPOTLE CHALLENGE (ECC) FINAL DAY 365 (8/28/19)!! Kael, you challenged me to eat @chipotle once a day for one year. In this one year, I have accomplished & grown quite a bit. It’s been one of the most fulfilling & creative experiences of my life! This all started with your whimsical challenge, my friend. Challenge accepted & conquered! Thank you to everyone who joined me - physically or from afar - for a meal at Chipotle in the last 365 days. Tonight, 77 people show


EDUCATOR CHIPOTLE CHALLENGE (ECC) FINAL DAY 365 (8/28/19)!! Wow, what an adventure this year has been; thank you ALL for being part of it! Several goals were achieved this year: *I completed Kael’s challenge to eat @chipotle once a day for one year!! *I gathered people for this educational cause. Thank you to anyone who has joined me -physically or from afar - for a meal at Chipotle in the last 365 days. Tonight, 77 people showed up to support, & four people sent me photos of

ECC FINAL DAY 365!!!!!

ECC FINAL DAY 365!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So much love!! LAST 24 MINUTES TO HELP ME #CHIPINFOREDUCATION BEFORE THE ECC IS OVER!!!!! •School supplies for educators to serve students; •Donate to DJUSD for mental health services for K-12 students! #ChipInForEducation by donating to the ECC Fundraiser @gofundme OR Quesarito with 1/2 white, 1/2 brown rice, chicken, mild salsa, sour cream, lettuce #Ellen #EllenDegeneres #TheEllenShow #EllenShow #GetMsEbbeOnYourShow #love

Not any ol’ Tuesday

This is what the Educator Chipotle Challenge (ECC) looks like on Day 364: *High on life, overwhelmed with gratitude, & surrounded by so much love, positive attitudes, & laughter; *Ecstatic to look at a screen less; *TRUE LOVE for fresh, scrumptious food @chipotle for over 15 years; ***Ready to SLAY Kael’s Challenge to eat Chipotle once a day for one year! ****Ready to buy school supplies for educators of DVCA to serve our awesome students, all of whom return to school TOMORRO

Love is my Religion

ECC Day 363: “Love is my Religion” My oh my, Universe, you have opened my life to many beautiful humans & experiences on this ECC journey, that I would not have otherwise met or experienced. Veronica Njodinizeh, it was a pleasure to hear some life stories that led you to our shared moments, to get our belly laugh on, embrace our goofiness & vibrant energy. In that 2-hour time, which we both attest to, is one of our most precious resources, you gave a shout out to influential

A For Effort

ECC Day 362: “A For Effort” Noah & Summer emphasized the value of educators making an effort to get to know their students as whole people, not only through an academic lens. Thank you, educators, for being available for our youth; it positively effects their mental, social, emotional health & well-being! Hear more from Noah & Summer in their Educator Shout Out Interview; stay tuned to ECC @youtube . Always great to hangout with your family, @joyful_art_studio_cristeb @sumsum

Have I mentioned lately...?

ECC Day 361: “Have I mentioned lately...?” Have I mentioned lately that: *I thank every educator who has ever put in the heart work for young people? *I thank YOU so much for your support of me & helping me achieve my goals of the ECC!? *My love for @chipotle runs deep, & this true love will last longer than 15 years. <3 *I’m STOKED to soon no longer post on social media daily, and have some time back to be more present in my life...and less time behind a screen?! **Now watch

Chip In

ECC Day 360: “Chip In” Chip in however you’re willing... *to education *for your team(s) *for yourself *for your community *from wherever you are. Thank you to folks who chipped in with me @chipotle today! Send me your photos & videos of you Chipotle-ing. 5 DAYS TO #ChipInForEducation by donating to the ECC Fundraiser @gofundme OR Salad bowl with chicken, mild, sour cream is my dressing #Ellen #EllenDegeneres #TheEllenShow #EllenShow #GetMsEbbeOnYourShow #m

Makin’ Moves

ECC Day 359: “Makin’ Moves” We’re making moves, literally & figuratively. Our DVCA team is making student-centered moves to improve our multi-tiered system of supports! Each year I’m moved by how dedicated, passionate, & creative our team is; I’m grateful for you all! Moved back to my first year’s office. Excited to have my @rwemersoneagles neighbors closer. Thanks so much, Mike ( @coachbarronies ) & John, for your positive, “we’re going to finish what we started, & do it wel

Unconventional Solutions

ECC Day 358: “Unconventional Solutions” Opportunities to practice outside of the box thinking, solution- & action-focused behavior, flexibility & adaptability continue to present themselves as we reach the first day of school & the tail end of the ECC (8/28). In unfortunate, unideal circumstances, we can choose to be & remain in a state of anger, disappointment, bitterness & discouragement or, we can use those strong emotions to propel us forward to the next opportunity with

Flexing the Adaptability

ECC Day 357: “Flexing the Adaptability” Flexibility & adaptability shall be named in all job descriptions ever created; in my example specifically, education. Educators occasionally move classrooms/offices throughout their years, have new students, new circumstances to learn & grow from, ever-changing policies, procedures, curriculum, et cetera, that require various degrees of flexibility & adaptability. Remember your why, educators. Remember your why! It’s worth it...unless

From the Heart

ECC Day 356: “From the heart” “Authenticity...we can speak from the heart through tears and be silly’s as well! Plus, we authentically love Chipotle!” -Jennifer Terra ( @jenniferterra2 ) On a continuous journey of learning how to live authentically, speak & be from the heart, while being playful. Complex beings. Innate desire to connect & love. Life’s waves are better surfed in the company of others. ***9 DAYS TO #ChipInForEducation by donating to the ECC Fundraiser @gofundme

On the Weekend

ECC Day 355: “On the Weekend” On the weekend, you can find many educators all over the world - at home or at school - preparing lessons, student schedules, meetings, catching up on documentation, etc. for the day(s)/week(s) ahead. You get a hug and you get a hug, and you get a hug! You get a high-five and you get a high-five, and you get a high-five! You get a Chipotle bowl and you get a Chipotle bowl, and you get a @chipotle bowl! Channeling my inner @theellenshow @ellentube

Panda for Life

ECC Day 354: “Panda for Life!” I’m stoked to dive into my 6th year as a Panda at DVCA Jr. High School! Our grades 7-12 team & Project Based Learning (PBL) program are one-of-a-kind! I love & am proud to be part of the DVCA family & community, which is why it’s an integral part of the Educator Chipotle Challenge (ECC). From interviewing past & present students & educators, to fundraising money to support our educators with supplies they need to serve our students. While the EC

Looking for time like...

ECC Day 350!! “Looking for time like...” Summertime, where’d ya go? Oh yeah, we lived it; we experienced/still experiencing it. We enjoyed & are making the most of it. We are taking in every chip left of summertime before another ROCKIN’ SCHOOL YEAR BEGINS! It’s been fun seeing some of my kids - out & about, at school, grad parties. Love y’all! Educator Chipotle Challenge (ECC), heyyyy! It’s not over until it’s over, but dang, the challenge is almost over; in a solid 15 days

Be Someone They Want to Join

ECC Day 348: “Be Someone They Want to Join” I will continue to stand, speak, & act up (positively) for what I believe in. Priorities on that list of what I care about & will fight/advocate for include: •Humanity’s well-being & safety •Human rights (EVERY HUMAN!) •Environment’s well-being •Mental health •Education, educators, students (resources, well-being, improvement, relationships, compensation, etc.) •Gun control The list goes on. Please consider what you care about, and


ECC Day 345: “THAT’S EXCITING!” I saw one of my former students @davis.downtown !!!THAT IS EXCITING!!! Yesterday, Matt & I toured @wbtourhollywood #WBTourHollywood & @theellenshow !!! THAT IS EXCITING!!! Going dancing tomorrow with some of my girls for her birthday; dance floor, watch out now!!! THAT IS EXCITING!!! Today, I enjoyed my 345th consecutive @chipotle meal; Jennifer & her crew made a delicious burrito, WITH GUAC!!! Count it; THAT IS EXCITING!!! I have 20 days to ra

The Ellen Show Or Bust Road Trip - Part 2

ECC Day 344: “The Ellen Show Or Bust Road Trip-Part 2” Matt ( @actionflipbooks ) & I had a blast on our Warner Bros. Studio Tour ( @wbtourhollywood #WBTourHollywood )!! It felt surreal & so exciting to be on set of one of the most positively influential and inspiring shows of my generation, Ellen ( @theellenshow @ellentube )! Letters 109, 110, & 111 are heading your way, #ellen ! #GetMsEbbeOnYourShow to rally together to support educators, students, & mental health! Thank you

The Ellen Show Or Bust Road Trip - Part 1

ECC Day 343: “The Ellen Show Or Bust Road Trip-Part 1” Matt ( @actionflipbooks ) and I drove to LA today; tomorrow, we’ll do a Warner Bros. Studio Tour ( @wbtourhollywood )! I have letters 109, 110, & 111 with me, ready to deliver to Ellen DeGeneres ( @theellenshow @ellentube ) in person...or to the nearest post office. This is one of the last big efforts to reach Ellen, to #GetMsEbbeOnYourShow & share the ECC with you & viewers! Let’s rally together to support educators, stu

This is how I roll, FINAL take 4!

ECC Day 342: “This is how I roll, FINAL take 4” Goal: Roll my burrito & tin foil at an “A+” grade . Take/Roll 1: “C” grade .. Take/Roll 2: “C+” grade ... Take/Roll 3: “A+” grade achieved! .... FINAL Take/Roll 4: DID I MAINTAIN THE “A+” GRADE?! ..... 🎥 thanks: Matt @actionflipbooks Thank you, Jill ( @auntpiglet ) for sharing this experience & trusting me to roll your burrito! Aaron ( @smartzgraphics ), THANK yoU for the awesome promo card design! Thank YOU, Jennifer, Sam, & @

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