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Educators are Lightsabers

Educators are lightsabers. I witnessed this first hand today while I supported the community of an elementary school in Magalia, California. Many of them have had adverse childhood experiences (ACEs), also known as childhood trauma, and trauma in their adulthood - before, during and after the Camp Fire. Educators, students, parents, administrators, families, volunteers, and other critical people of this community have done what they can to rise together, and keep on keepin' on with their life - in their current norm. I'm humbled, grateful, inspired, filled with compassion, love, empathy, and a continued desire to support my brothers, sisters, neighbors, fellow human beings.

Today, I asked Santa for more Chipotle, but that's not actually what I want for the holidays; I want people to treat others with kindness, care, and compassion; lend a helping hand, dollar, hour, or anything they can give to support other people in this beautiful life that has its struggles. I want every single human being who has been directly or indirectly impacted by the Camp Fire to feel loved, supported, heard, and cared for as they heal, grieve/mourn, and rebuild - their hope, support system, home, strength to carry on. For the young and the older people to find hope from any source they are open to believing in. You are not alone. I love you. You're right...I would also LOVE for #Ellen to see this post, the Educator Chipotle Challenge, and want to partner with me so we can throw kindness around the world like confetttttttiiiiiii!!!! Help her see it by sharing the ECC's website, social media posts, stories. Hype it up with me, folks. Be part of the change WITH me.

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