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Exuding Love

Updated: Feb 16, 2019

ECC Day 170: Another day, another meal (salad with chicken, mild, sour cream) loving @chipotle — 14 years and over 170 days strong. #truelove #relationshipgoals

We’ve got that ‘I can have Dos Coyotes for lunch & Chipotle for dinner - and our relationship will not be phased - kind of love’. I know what you’re asking yourself...does that mean Kala cheated on Chipotle? Far from it. Chipotle & I have a lot of love to give/share, and an understanding that various types of relationships allow us to express & fulfill that love.

•I LOVED seeing my students all mature (so proud of their growth), professional & STOKED to share our school’s story with other students!

•I love young people. You are my WHY for being an educator!

•I love making deep, timeless connections with humans of various ages.

•I loved seeing lightning in the distance on my way to see one of my loves,


•I love my family (biological & chosen)!

•I love myself! #selflove

•I love the freedom to be myself!

•I love being/feeling alive!

•I love sand between my toes & gazing into the abyss of a sunset lit backdrop of the ocean waves.

•I love with my whole soul, and I wouldn’t trade that for even a lifetime of free Chipotle.

•I love how freeing, expressive, & full I feel when I listen to music & dance.

•I love the ECC’s story thus far, and that I have an opportunity to share it on Good Day Sacramento I’m the AM of 2/18/19 @gooddaysac


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