Kindness Karma

ECC Day 352: “Kindness Karma” Kaelyn shares in her Educator Shout Out Interview, “One thing I have learned is that if you’re kind and you’re smiley and you’re joyful, it will come back to you.” THAT is kindness karma. It feels fulfilling to be kind, to be helpful, to be supportive, to show love. It also feels fulfilling to be treated kindly, to be helped, to be supported, and to be loved. At some point, you’re bound to receive what you give. Keep on giving. Keep on living. Ke

Reppin’ like a mascot

ECC Day 339: “Reppin’ like a mascot” I play & root for many teams. At the end of the game, day, conversation, I play for one team: Team Human. I’m in it to win it for students, young people, educators, loved ones...humans. When it comes to Team Human, we are all on the same team; if you believe in this, do something today to help your teammates. An act of kindness or a gentle smile that says, “I see you.” Reppin’ [Team Human, the ECC, @twins , @chipotle ] like a mascot, right

A Kid’s Meal, Please

ECC Day 336: “A Kid’s Meal, Please” Holly was excited about her first @chipotle “kid’s meal;” she is a fan! After the ECC, I shall try a “kid’s meal.” I appreciate smaller things like forks, spoons, Tupperware, my niece & nephews’ lil’ fingers, toes, & nose when they were babies. How cute is that chip bag?! I wear “kid’s sized” shoes. Kids/young folks are awesome! Not everything labeled for “kids” or “adults” is exclusively for one or the other. You want to order a “kid’s mea

Happy Mother’s Day

ECC Day 257: “Happy Mother’s Day” Happy Mother’s Day to all the Moms, Dads, Aunties, Uncles, mentors, teachers, coaches, etc. who are nurturing, supportive, and loving, in their own ways, to other people (of any age & relation). We literally wouldn’t be here without you. It’s hard work to be a good parent! Keep at it! 108 days to #ChipInForEducation by donating to the ECC Fundraiser @gofundme OR Check out #linkinbio 👆🏼for Rico’s Educator Shout Out Intervi

Appreciating the Village

ECC Day 252: “Happy Teacher Appreciation Week-it takes a village!” It takes a village of compassionate, dedicated, innovative educators & parents to foster healthy, well-rounded human beings! Keep it up, village! #ChipInForEducation by donating to the ECC Fundraiser @gofundme OR Bowl with black beans, mild, sour cream, cheese, guac, lettuce #Ellen #EllenDegeneres #TheEllenShow #EllenShow #GetMsEbbeOnYourShow #ItTakesAVillage #keepitreal #chipotle #challenge

Extra like Guac

ECC Day 250: “Extra like guac” Don’t worry, guac, I’m extra, too. *I give extra. **I care & love extra. ***I take extra Chipotle napkins sometimes. **I love life extra. *I’m extra stoked about the impact of the ECC! **I’m extra thrilled to receive a call from @theellenshow someday, inviting me to share the ECC on her show. ***I’m extra pumped to honor & appreciate teachers this week for all that they do! **I love @chipotle extra extra! *I’m “extra” in mostly awesome, enhancin

Off The Bench

ECC Day 249: “Off The Bench” Today is a reminder that I need to slow down, take things off the bench to prioritize time for, like getting an oil change, tires rotated/balanced, and put my needs before others to balance my well-being. If this resonates with you, what do you need to prioritize and take off the bench? Recently, someone commented “can she eat with her mouth closed?.” Here’s another photo of me feeding my face with deliciousness for you. Enjoy. #ChipInForEducation

Be That Some-burrito

ECC Day 248: “Be That Some-burrito!” Everybody needs somebody to be their burrito at times. Wrap your arms around them like a warm tortilla hugs its ingredient friends! Be that somebody for someone. Ya never know when you’re going to need some-burrito to hug you. 😄 Check out Rico’s Educator Shout Out Interview on ECC @youtube #ChipInForEducation by donating to the ECC Fundraiser @gofundme OR 117 days remain Hugged by a brown rice, chicken, mild salsa, sour

Mental Health May

ECC Day 247: “Mental Health May” What do you do for your mind, body, and soul that contribute to your mental and physical health & well-being? This School Counselor: •shakes her tail feather •enjoys the open road with windows down & music up •spends time with loved ones - in-person, FaceTime, phone calls •listens to her students & process life’s happenings with them •reminds herself things like, “in the grand scheme of life, this is not a big deal;” “it’s going to be okay;” “

Thank a School Principal!

ECC Day 246: “Happy School Principal’s Day...year-round!” To School Principals: you shall be recognized today & everyday for your leadership and commitment to build a strong educational program that serves students! This fabulous man right here, Scott Thomsen, is a Principal leading by example. He does what’s best for young people, and the humans who are directly serving & supporting them. SJT, keep it up, my friend! Much love! -Counselor P.S. What you don’t see here is his C

WHAAT WHAAT for School Counselors!?

ECC Day 245: “Can I get a WHAAAT WHAAAAT for School Counselors?!” One of the key components of the ECC is acknowledging the hard work, dedication, value and compassion of ALL educators. Today, I especially want to give a shout out to my fellow School Counselors. It’s Spring Semester, which means School Counselors all over the nation & probably world are playing a good ol’ fashion game of Twister. They’re planning for next year’s schedules, preventing & responding to conflict


ECC Day 244: “Visibility” Just a couple o’ gay educators & his cute dog, Abby, sharing a meal together. Out & proud. Visibility and representation across life’s experiences is necessary. Be the change you wish to see. >>Invited @bcrunyan to record an Educator Shout Out Interview (ESOI); I’m excited for that!<< #ChipInForEducation by donating to the ECC Fundraiser @gofundme OR burrito with 1/2 brown, 1/2 white rice, chicken, mild, sour cream, lettuce #Ellen

Language of the soul

ECC Day 243: “Dance is the hidden language of the soul.” @marthagrahamdance This is such a special gift from @angelinay155 in 2017, the end of her freshman year. These connections are invaluable. Reason number 3.5 why I love being a School Counselor. Today we reminisced about our shared time at the jr. high, our @efeducationfirst trip to Belize - where she learned about my deep love for dance - and future opportunities of all sorts. I’m so excited to see where this journey le

It’s all love, baby!

ECC Day 242 (4/27/19): “It’s all love, baby!” Little did I know when I took this first pic, that I would feel showered with love when I danced at @mangosf . A handful of people I didn’t know approached me to say, “your energy is so vibrant;” “thank you for sharing your energy on stage;” “you’re so fun to watch; “your energy is feeding us.” On this day, dancing AND these lovely humans’ feedback fed my soul. I felt connected to them. To know I had that positive impact on people

Remember when...

ECC Day 241: “Remember when...” *I had a lot of fun playing ball with staff and students today? Students earned that “W.” *I was reminded how thoughtful & caring young people can be when they said, “good luck at the game, Ebbe” or “good game, Ms. Ebbe?” *I enjoyed sharing a meal with, getting to know, and interviewing Diego? *I accepted Kael’s challenge to eat @chipotle once a day for a year, and made it about also giving back & supporting educators & students? * @theellensho

Proud to be Me

ECC Day 240: “Proud to be Me” To the person who commented, “f*** you” and “youre gay” on yesterday’s Instagram post: I love you. I hope you feel loved and cared for by people in your life. If you happen to be disguising your profile to hide that you’re one of my students, I hope you reach out to me, especially if you are in need of love and support. Really, no matter who you are, please hear me when I say, I’m here for you. Saying “f*** you” was rude, and unnecessary. I’m ope

Supporting educators & Davis community

ECC Day 239: “Supporting educators & Davis community” Making connections & building sustainable relationships. Utilizing peoples’ strengths and collaborating to support each other - individuals, local businesses - and our community thrive! Lots of positive, forward progress being made to achieve this continuous goal. From @davischamber @davis.downtown to @soroptimistdavis to educators of Davis, to a non-profit that will be another resource to assist educators to have supplies

Always reasons to celebrate

ECC Day 238: “Celebrate Everyday” We may not have all the answers, but we must stay curious and ask all the questions. We may not know why things happen, but we learn to manage and accept it, with the support of our network. Everyday has a reason to celebrate. 127 remain to #ChipInForEducation by donating to the ECC Fundraiser @gofundme OR salad bowl with brown rice, chicken, mild salsa, sour cream, and extra lettuce #Ellen #EllenDegeneres #TheEllenShow #El

Thoughts of a JH School Counselor

ECC Day 237: “Thoughts of a Jr. High School Counselor” *Once you are my student; you’ll always be in my heart, and part of my story. *I love my students. They teach me patience, effective communication (adults, we have a thing or two to learn), new dance moves, and brighten up my day with a smile, pun, and honorable sportsmxnship on the court. Go staff this Friday in student v. staff b-ball game! *I love finding notes or drawings from students. They can be quite thoughtful. *

It Takes Two

ECC Day 234: “It Takes Two” It takes two to make a thing go right It takes two to make it outta sight @robbasemusic Chipotle for lunch || Chipotle for dinner Today, it’s two meals in one day. ;) Let’s go!!! #ChipInForEducation by donating to the ECC Fundraiser @gofundme OR lunch: bowl with 1/2 brown, 1/2 white rice, chicken, mild salsa, sour cream, lettuce dinner: burrito with barbacoa, mild, sour cream, cheese, guac, lettuce #Ellen #EllenDegeneres #TheElle

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