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Love is my Religion

Updated: Aug 27, 2019

ECC Day 363: “Love is my Religion”

My oh my, Universe, you have opened my life to many beautiful humans & experiences on this ECC journey, that I would not have otherwise met or experienced. Veronica Njodinizeh, it was a pleasure to hear some life stories that led you to our shared moments, to get our belly laugh on, embrace our goofiness & vibrant energy. In that 2-hour time, which we both attest to, is one of our most precious resources, you gave a shout out to influential educators; we discussed the need for our societal systems, including education & healthcare, to adapt & more effectively serve all people; we talked about love as the source. It all comes back to love. We CAN & we DO thrive & get through tough times by giving & receiving love. I’m grateful you shared some of your time with me tonight! I live for these spontaneous experiences! Stay tuned to ECC’s @youtube to hear how V & I crossed paths. Until next time, Veronica, you keep putting in that heart work as a mentor, parent, advocate, & lifelong learner! I love you! Love is my religion.

WE HAVE 2 days, 1 hour, 45 minutes, 40 seconds from now to #ChipInForEducation by donating to the ECC Fundraiser @gofundme OR

Burrito with a little white rice, chicken, mild salsa, sour cream, guac, & lettuce. Chipotle is also my religion; I stand by it!

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