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Thank You, Supporters!

@sped1206 , I haven’t forgotten about your chorizo tacos recommendation from day 110. I trust that chorizo tacos will make their way into my belly within the next 235 days (yup, it’s day 130)! Thanks for following & engaging in the ECC journey! 🙌🏼😁Since chorizo wasn’t available at this location, I ate a veggie bowl tonight with brown rice, black beans, mild and corn salsa, sour cream, guac, and lettuce.

Video on Instagram or Facebook (@educatorcc) with Fundraiser update. Essentially, after multiple conversations with nonprofits, CPA’s & other helpful resources, I’m taking action steps to set up a GoFundMe #fundraiser for the remaining time of the Educator Chipotle Challenge. Stay tuned for that transition! Thanks for your patience, encouragement, and support! ✌🏼💙🌯

@tonygardner41 , happy happy birthday my friend! May this year bring lots of love, laughter, and kindness YOUR WAY! You’ve dedicated yourself to giving to others, and it’s made a difference in the lives of many! 💙

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