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Unconventional Solutions

Updated: Aug 27, 2019

ECC Day 358: “Unconventional Solutions”

Opportunities to practice outside of the box thinking, solution- & action-focused behavior, flexibility & adaptability continue to present themselves as we reach the first day of school & the tail end of the ECC (8/28). In unfortunate, unideal circumstances, we can choose to be & remain in a state of anger, disappointment, bitterness & discouragement or, we can use those strong emotions to propel us forward to the next opportunity with a positive outlook. Yep, I’m a glass half full kind o’gal. These emotions are fueling my energy to keep moving forward, to make the most with what I have, within the temporary set of circumstances; this requires unconventional solutions, like truly embracing the accordion “wall...” that is in the office I began my position in 5 years ago, separating it from my VP’s office. It’s going to be a fun year with obstacles we will continue to overcome. Full circle. Sometimes ya gotta drive up on the curb, & roll with it anyway that seems logical & healthy for everyone involved, & JUST DO IT! There’s no handbook with the “correct” or “appropriate” way to approach every curveball that life will throw at ya. Start somewhere. Some thoughts & behaviors may be considered “unconventional,” & I’m so down with that. YOU CAN DO THIS!!

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