Life is Dynamic

ECC Day 303: “Life is Dynamic” “Dynamic (adjective): pertaining to or characterized by energy or effective action; vigorously active or forceful; energetic” @dictionarycom I had energy and a zest for life before the ECC; however, this adventure has leveled up my perspective of how fulfilling and energizing life can be. I’ve leaned in and taken more calculated social risks to gain the reward of connection, to effect change, and spread love and kindness. I love this dynamic lif

Auntie’s in town

ECC Day 209: Smiles all around; surprise, Auntie’s in town! These smiles barely capture the excitement I’ve felt to come home and have face time with the HUMANS BEHIND THOSE SMILES! Not pictured here are my two other kidlets. Their school is super efficient with drop-off & pick-up; go you! You’re crampin’ this Auntie’s style, though. That’s okay; Auntie improvised from her original plan of parking and standing stealthily around the car until she spotted and surprised her Munc

Nostalgia on Day 155

Day 155, 210 days remain in the ECC. Today, I tried one of Chipotle's new "Lifestyle" bowls - "Keto Salad Bowl" with carnitas, red salsa, (I put Sour Cream), cheese, and guac. On Saturday, I will meet with a banker to setup the Educator Chipotle Challenge bank account, thru my name, which will be the GoFundMe fundraiser host!! Stay tuned for details. “Someday these’ll be the good ol’ days...someday soon your whole life’s gonna’ll miss the magic of the good ol’ da

Sweats, Chipotle, HGTV

Keepin’ it real (hey, Pops!) - sweatpants, haven’t showered yet kind of day 146 of the Educator Chipotle Challenge (ECC). Had my chicken fix today in a bowl with brown rice, mild salsa, sour cream, cheese & lettuce. 😄First time I’ve tried this shirt on since Alex @chipotle in Minnesota worked so hard to locate for me! @kaeljosephclark & @everthelaughter , I’m calling perfect/premium fit! Big love to my homie, Hammer, in MN on their birrrrfday!!💛🤗 #Ellen #EllenDegeneres #Th

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