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Nostalgia on Day 155

Updated: Feb 3, 2019

Day 155, 210 days remain in the ECC. Today, I tried one of Chipotle's new "Lifestyle" bowls - "Keto Salad Bowl" with carnitas, red salsa, (I put Sour Cream), cheese, and guac.

On Saturday, I will meet with a banker to setup the Educator Chipotle Challenge bank account, thru my name, which will be the GoFundMe fundraiser host!! Stay tuned for details.

“Someday these’ll be the good ol’ days...someday soon your whole life’s gonna’ll miss the magic of the good ol’ days.”Macklemore & Ke$ha. Savoring the moment now. Walking safely down the middle of the road at Trader Joe’s, feeling nostalgic for the good ol’ days when I didn’t worry as much about the “societal norms,” and could just be. I miss not being as busy. One constant, one guarantee in life is change. Today I took a different route to @chipotle ; I parked in a different place; and I tried a new dish. Today I had a great philosophical conversation with a student. I love and miss those types of conversations. Getting wrapped up in the daily hustle of being one person doing more than one person’s job. Life is moving so quickly. Becca, I’m trying so hard to learn to surf these waves of life. Sometimes, they move faster than I can keep up. By golly, it can be exhausting. Nevertheless, she persisted. My heart is full with what I’m prioritizing my time with these days. Stop. Rest. Reflect. Forward motion. Be kind to yourself & others.

P.S. I'm so glad my big sis, Heather, convinced me to purchase this new laptop before my road trip. Things that make a difference.

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