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Auntie’s in town

Updated: Mar 26, 2019

ECC Day 209: Smiles all around; surprise, Auntie’s in town! These smiles barely capture the excitement I’ve felt to come home and have face time with the HUMANS BEHIND THOSE SMILES! Not pictured here are my two other kidlets. Their school is super efficient with drop-off & pick-up; go you! You’re crampin’ this Auntie’s style, though. That’s okay; Auntie improvised from her original plan of parking and standing stealthily around the car until she spotted and surprised her Munchkin & Doodie; while they still had time to notice it’s Auntie, they would run at her with open arms as they exclaim through those big ol’ smiles, “AUNTIE, AUNTIE!” Love. Them. Instead, as we waited in the carpool line, I hopped into the very rear of the SUV. (Yes, I said rear.) Munchkin & Doodie entered the back seat, and began sharing a summary of their day - precious; my sister parked and said, “Shazam!” That was my que. ‘Surprise! Auntie’s home!’ They were definitely surprised...& slightly startled. I got those amazing hugs and excitement of my presence after we got home. @jessica_nochez #springbreak #2019 #auntie #life

burrito sidekick: 1/2 white, half brown rice, chicken, mild, sour cream, guac, lettuce

Thank you to everyone who has supported educators, the ECC, and me. Help me continue that support by donating to the ECC Fundraiser @gofundme OR #ChipInForEducation

@v101fm on 3/29! @bigalsams

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