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Assume Positive Intent

ECC Day 163: “Fill my lungs up, pour my heart out...find himself in the sound ‘cause music is a mirror..what you looking for? What you headed towards? What’s your name worth when they mention yours? When you leave here, are you stepping forward? Can you remember your intention when they question yours? They’re gonna question yours...they’re gonna question yours....if you don’t love yourself, what’s the respect for? If you don’t love life, the check won’t correct yours.” - @macklemore , Excavate

brown rice, chicken, mild salsa, corn salsa, sour cream, and lettyce burrito kind’a day

My heart’s all in it - the ECC, the fundraiser, kickin’ it with young folks as a PROUD School Counselor. Filled with such good vibrations from this experience thus far. Music speaks to me. Hear what you need to hear in the lyrics. I’m moving forwards, no doubt. My intentions are to make a difference. To take peaceful action and solution towards a healthier, more productive and manageable environment for educators and students to thrive in. To challenge the status quo of what’s been done before, because many parts of this system is not working effectively. Educators must be treated in more alignment to the imperative & valuable role they play in the lives of young people. No matter how many “no” answers I receive throughout the ECC, I will remember my intentions. I will remain humble, kind, and true to myself. I shall persist. Oh yeah, it’ll be an imperfect process, but consistent nonetheless. Every person who has supported me & the ECC, chipped in - monetarily or shared a post - is helping me make a greater impact on our world. A ripple effect of kindness. Loving life. Thank you. 💙

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