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Burrito & Connection for Days

She’s got burritos for days...minus the plural tense, ‘cause that’s just for day 186. I may not be hungry until the morning; the burrito was magical! Tightly wrapped, and the juices-from chicken, corn, mild & sour cream-didn’t come out until the last 5 bites, and not messily. Accompanied by brown & white rices, guac, lettuce. @chipotle

Meaningful human connections do not always require much time to form. Take Dean @safeway for instance. He asked about “ECC” in my hair; I told him the purpose, gave him a promo card. Within 2 minutes, he noted my passion and desire to “make a bigger difference beyond the classroom,” and that he’ll “definitely donate!” That interaction alone had the power to send a giddy flow of energy through my body, and verbalized through an excited sound and big smile. Then, as we checked out at different registers, he walked over to me and said, “I was just thinking about how you should get ahold of @gooddaysac .” When I told him thank you, and that I was actually on their President’s Day show, he responded with, “I just got goosebumps. That’s so fitting.” I got goosebumps in that moment, too. Dean shared that his parents were educators. Thank you to Dean and Dean’s parents for taking part in bettering our future. Our interactions lasted about 4 minutes, yet, the impact will have a ripple effect.

#ChipInForEducation with Dean at

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