Human Hug VS. Virtual Hug

ECC Day 349: “Human Hug VS. Virtual Hug” Tonight, I connected & recorded an Educator Shout Out Interview with a close friend & educator colleague, Gretchen. One theme of our conversation: While showing empathy & care over a text has a time & place, virtual communication doesn’t have the same affect as sitting across from that person, to make eye contact & share that compassion & truly feel connected. Many of us, greatly including our youth, are attached to a virtual reality t

You’re not alone

ECC Day 310 (7/4/19): “You’re not alone 🤗💙” 55 days to #ChipInForEducation by donating to the ECC Fundraiser @gofundme OR Surrounded by chosen family (burrito ;) -- chicken burrito with 1/2 brown, 1/2 white rice, mild, sour cream, cheese, lettuce ) and friends. #Ellen #EllenDegeneres #TheEllenShow #EllenShow #GetMsEbbeOnYourShow #love #connection #keepitreal #chipotle #challenge #fundraiser #GiveBack #MichelleObama #oprah #educator #educators #yolo #Portl

Homestretch - Day 300

ECC Day 300!! “The Homestretch-65 days remain!” This challenge has been a beautiful opportunity to bring people together, share a meal and the common goal to do/be good in the world, spread love, and connect face-to-face. It’s awesome to have regular attendees and new folks who join to show their support of me & the ECC! That moment when I hear my educator colleague explain to someone that the ECC is about giving back to “us” - our educators - gets me even more pumped to be a

Remember to Play!

ECC Day 285 (80 days remain!): “Remember to Play!” If you know me, you know I’m goofy and need to break up the adulting with a good laugh, play and movement. I’m excited to get to know Jared Hippler ( @primally_playful ), co-founder of Primal Play (, an organization that helps people connect with each other and experience joy through movement and engaging activities. They serve youth and adults! I intend not to lose my playfulness in the midst of “adulting.

The Joy in Enjoy

ECC Day 279: “The Joy in Enjoy” Feeling the joy in enjoying this lovely woman’s company. Connections that can withstand the test of time. That’s my jam. Joy. Connection. Laughter. We want to experience more of these feelings in 2019; so far, we are crushing it! Help me have the greatest joy of giving back to educators and students by donating to the ECC’s fundraiser @gofundme OR - raising $100,000!! #ChipInForEducation felt joy eating this bowl filled with

Stranger to Connection

ECC Day 270: “Stranger to Connection” Yesterday I had the pleasure of sharing 25 minutes with Jamal, a beautiful soul originally from Libya, who kindly drove me to the airport, and filled my heart with warmth from connection. Jamal shared stories & lessons he’s learned specifically through interacting with diverse people as a driver for @uber . He believes that people are generally good. People make poor decisions, sometimes due to adverse circumstances. He reiterated the pos

Oh, the Places You’ll Go!

ECC Day 211 is a special day for both Sharon Preves and I. 🎥recorded Educator Shout Out Interview with one of the most impactful educators of my career, from my Sociological studies at Hamline University. It was an honor to meet and speak with her current students! @hamlineu Stay tuned for her interview on ECC’s @youtube channel. “You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose....Oh, the Places You’ll Go!” -Dr. Seus

Manifesting Joy, Connection, Laughter

Educator Chipotle Challenge (ECC) Day 190. 3 tacos (1&2:white in #1, brown in #2, chicken, mild, sour cream, lettuce; 3: black beans, mild, sour cream, guac, lettuce)✔️Joy ✔️Connection ✔️Laughter ✔️Nat & I are manifesting more of this in 2019 & life overall. How about you? Support educators & students by donating to the ECC Fundraiser - #ChipInForEducation #Ellen #EllenDegeneres #TheEllenShow #EllenShow #GetMsEbbeOnYourShow #love #joy #connection #laughter

Burrito & Connection for Days

She’s got burritos for days...minus the plural tense, ‘cause that’s just for day 186. I may not be hungry until the morning; the burrito was magical! Tightly wrapped, and the juices-from chicken, corn, mild & sour cream-didn’t come out until the last 5 bites, and not messily. Accompanied by brown & white rices, guac, lettuce. @chipotle Meaningful human connections do not always require much time to form. Take Dean @safeway for instance. He asked about “ECC” in my hair; I told

Giving & Perspective

Day 129 of the Educator Chipotle Challenge is about giving & perspective. My Bowl—brown rice—pinto beans—chicken—mild—sour cream—lettuce. Darcie had the brilliant idea to buy #Chipotle burritos to give out to people in #Sacramento. Thanks to the patience & efficiency of the Chipotle team on 16th & Broadway for our spontaneous order. Also, this new location, staff, furniture, and vibe was prime! Darcie & I each bought 6 burritos (chicken and veggie), rented two JUMP bikes thro

Couple'o dorks connecting

Couple o'goofball school counselors connecting over a delicious Chipotle meal for Day 68 of the ECC. Burrito baby on the right is rockin' brown rice, chicken, mild and corn salsa, sour cream, and lettuce (seems like one of the usuals). Nat & I also recorded ESOI #11. #ellen #theelllenshow #ellentube #schoolcounselors #asca #casc18 #chipinforeducation #educatorcc #joy #connection #laughter

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