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Happy Teacher Appreciation Week 2019!


Educators are one of the pillars of our society’s foundation. Many dedicate their life to honing their craft to serve, teach, mentor, coach, and support our youth’s healthy development. I see & appreciate the extra love, care, hours, and energy you put into being your best as an educator (of all ages)! Stay motivated! YES, YOU ARE MAKING A DIFFERENCE! It’s a beautiful & critical time to be a positive, reliable, approachable, adult for younger generations. Keep in mind, too, that we are learning & growing from them, just as they are from us. Treat yourself, educator! I’m doing what I set out to do over a year ago - show/remind educators that they are valued and they make a difference! Check out the ECC @youtube channel to watch my first video post - Teacher Appreciation Week 2018. High-fiiiiive!

Within the next 114 days, show your appreciation for educators by donating to the ECC Fundraiser @gofundme OR

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