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Qualities of a Healthy Relationship

ECC Day 256: “Qualities of a Healthy Relationship”

For me, a healthy relationship includes: reciprocity, open, honest, consistent (not necessarily frequent) communication in many forms, trust, vulnerability, courage, acceptance with where the other person is, while challenging & supporting each other to grow & learn, emotional intelligence, deep connection, empathy, fun, laughter, silliness, seriousness when needed, and love in its various languages. Be/make an effort to become the person with whom you would want to be in relationship. Lead by example for our/your kids. They need us to show up, & show them (teach them) how to be in healthy relationships (of all kinds).

You’re a good egg, Hayls! @hayleymilesstrom

109 days to #ChipInForEducation by donating to the ECC Fundraiser @gofundme OR

I have a very healthy relationship with Chipotle, and tonight it's a burrito with brown rice, chicken, mild, sour cream, guac, lettuce

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