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Human Hug VS. Virtual Hug

Updated: Aug 27, 2019

ECC Day 349: “Human Hug VS. Virtual Hug”

Tonight, I connected & recorded an Educator Shout Out Interview with a close friend & educator colleague, Gretchen. One theme of our conversation: While showing empathy & care over a text has a time & place, virtual communication doesn’t have the same affect as sitting across from that person, to make eye contact & share that compassion & truly feel connected. Many of us, greatly including our youth, are attached to a virtual reality that disappointingly is not life’s reality beyond the screen. It doesn’t matter how many “likes” or “followers” you have online; what matters is that you have people in your everyday life to meet up with to physically connect. To exchange that humane energy, not just over virtual wavelengths. I believe that nothing we create will ever replace the connectedness we feel when we are physically with another human being; no virtual hug will EVER be on that same level. Gretchen & I gave one of our students a hug, and hugged each other as we parted ways. FaceTime, Skype, snail mail, Snapchat, IG Stories have nothing on in-person human connectedness. Please, please, please, society, do not lose touch with our natural human need to be physically connected & social. I will always choose a human hug. Much love!

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