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Ponder this on day 196

Swipe right & ponder this on day 196:

“What would the world be like if...”

*everyone had access to food, water, clothing, & shelter?

*every human had at least ONE cheerleader in their corner?

*more people were kinder to each other?

*you could use up every staple in the stapler, the entire eraser, and every sliver of your chapstick?

*every school had the funding necessary to provide the BARE MINIMUM resources to support the humans to be their best? This includes, but is not limited to: adequate facilities/space, pencils, paper, technology, transportation, small class sizes, enough humans to do all the tasks in a healthy manner, full-time: administration, School-Nurse, Psych, Counselor, Resource Officer, Campus Safety Supervisor, Secretaries on EVERY CAMPUS, student support classes, training, and curriculum standards that ACTUALLY allow educators to meet young people where they are, in order to get them to where they are capable of being & where our ever-changing society needs them to be to thrive. Overall, it seems like our education system is not functioning at the bare minimum. We need to raise and meet our standards. We can and ARE doing this! We are working towards the above type of reality.

day 196 bowl features white rice, sweet taste of honey, chicken, mild & corn, sour cream, lettuce

Support educators & students by donating to the ECC Fundraiser - #ChipInForEducation

This was the first time I ever bought from @millcityfineries 💙

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