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Remember when...

Updated: Apr 28, 2019

ECC Day 241: “Remember when...”

*I had a lot of fun playing ball with staff and students today? Students earned that “W.”

*I was reminded how thoughtful & caring young people can be when they said, “good luck at the game, Ebbe” or “good game, Ms. Ebbe?”

*I enjoyed sharing a meal with, getting to know, and interviewing Diego?

*I accepted Kael’s challenge to eat @chipotle once a day for a year, and made it about also giving back & supporting educators & students?

* @theellenshow invited me to her show? (I truly believe this will come true. If you do, tag her below.)

*I laughed a lot with my housemate when we played the “remember when” game, which notes things that have and have not happened?

*I posted again tomorrow, and the next day, and STILL LOVE Chipotle?

*you donated to the ECC Fundraiser thru GoFundMe OR 124 days remain to #ChipInForEducation

Bowl with brown rice, chicken, mild, sour cream, lettuce. No honey.

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