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Schooool Counseloorrss!!

Updated: Jan 26, 2019

Follow to match my $100 (or any amount you can) donation towards Juliet’s emergency surgery from recent “horrific car accident.” She is the adored sister of friend and fellow School Counselor, Tawny. Let’s rally to support an educator and her family, and keep this #GoFundMe trending!!



Talk about supporting our neighbors, friends, and family. You know you’re supported when your SC crew says, “yeah, Kala, I’ll do that for you,” when I invite them to dance for @ellentube #WatchMeWorkItAtWork #challenge. Dang, it feels good to be a School Counselor. Stop, collaborate, and listen! And dance. On Day 149 of the Educator Chipotle Challenge. Salad bowl for me with chicken, mild, corn, sour cream, guac, and vinaigrette dressing.



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