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Students, show up!

ECC Day 253: Happy Teacher Appreciation Week 2019 - Students, show up!

Students, show that you appreciate your educators & yourself by:

*getting to know your educators beyond what they teach;

*showing up to school and each class on time;

*demonstrating respectful, on-task behavior when your teacher or classmates are talking;

*sharing your ideas during discussions, and asking questions, especially when you need help understanding;

*completing your assignments to the best of your ability, and turn them in on time. If you need more time or need clarification, ask!

*If there’s an educator who has shown you they care about you & believe in you, tell them how it’s affected you. Submit your own Educator Shout Out on the ECC website under the “Interviews” tab.

*Students, you are a MAJOR reason I am a proud School Counselor. I’m in this profession for you. Choose to work WITH your educators.

#ChipInForEducation by donating to the ECC Fundraiser @gofundme OR

1/2 white rice + 1/2 brown rice + chicken + mild salsa + sour cream + lettuce = deliciousness in a bowl

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