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This is how I roll, take 3

ECC Day 284: “This is how I roll, take 3!”

Take 1: I earned a “C” grade rolling my own @chipotle burrito.

Take 2: I earned a “B” on the burrito roll, and a “C-“ on the tinfoil roll; overall, I earned a “C+” for take 2 of rolling my own burrito.

My goal is to earn an “A+” on the whole shebang.

Take 3: What grade do you guess I earned on this roll?

Stay tuned for the video on ECC @youtube !

today, I rolled my third burrito: 1/2 white, 1/2 brown rice, chicken, mild salsa, sour cream, cheese, lettuce. It was SO good; even better knowing that I rolled it myself!

Thank you, Jennifer at @davis.downtown Chipotle for coaching me on my hardcore wrapping skills! Thanks, @auntpiglet for recording!

#ChipInForEducation by donating to the ECC Fundraiser @gofundme OR

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