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•Yeahhh, it’s day 175 of THE Educator Chipotle Challenge (ECC)!

•Yeahhh, my love for @chipotle is real - just like their ingredients! Today, I enjoyed a salad bowl with black beans, chicken, mild salsa, sour cream.

•Yeahhh, I shared it on @gooddaysac yesterday with two of my educator friends, Ali & @mamawolfeto2 & newfound supporters, @tvcody @gooddayju @gooddaycourtney ! Thank YOU for watching!!

•Yeahhh, I’m trying to inspire people to #ChipInForEducation & donate to the ECC’s @gofundme to raise $100,000 to support educators & students!

•Yeahhh, I’ll see you @chipotle in Davis on 2/27 at 5PM for the halfway mark of the ECC!

•Yeahhh, I bought my ticket for @v101fm ‘s Old School House Party @aceofspadessac , and hope to see you there on March 1.

•Yeahhh, I had a mullet growing up.

•Yeahhh, I had a crush on the woman I brought Tootsie Rolls to in junior high school. 😬


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