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Stranger to Connection

ECC Day 270: “Stranger to Connection”

Yesterday I had the pleasure of sharing 25 minutes with Jamal, a beautiful soul originally from Libya, who kindly drove me to the airport, and filled my heart with warmth from connection. Jamal shared stories & lessons he’s learned specifically through interacting with diverse people as a driver for @uber . He believes that people are generally good. People make poor decisions, sometimes due to adverse circumstances. He reiterated the positive impact we can have in other peoples’ lives; we don’t have to do anything extraordinary to have a positive impact. We can learn a lot about who another being is in a short amount of time when we are present, open, and share our authentic selves. Human connection is beautiful. Jamal, I’m so grateful to have connected with you. Assume positive intent. People are generally good! It takes all sorts of people to make our world go ‘round...’specially people with cilantro in their teeth. You’re welcome, Laurie!

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I’m no stranger to this burrito with white rice, chicken, fajita veggies, mild, sour cream, lettuce

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