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Burrito came thru drippin’

Burrito came thru drippin’ on Day 198 of the ECC. Yes, Mom, I cleaned up the mess from my white rice, honey, chicken, mild and corn salsa, sour cream, and lettuce filled burrito.

I am incredibly impressed by my students’ creative & innovative products, growth throughout the years, collaboration, maturity, and professional, articulate oral communication! I’m so proud of you all! I know what I saw at World War I Museum Night was the final product of an entire process that had its natural ebbs & flows!

Shout out to educators; this time of year is wildly busy. From handling the present expected & unexpected happenings to planning and preparing for the next school year; to supporting students at the semester halfway point; to evening events, professional development opportunities; and everything on the edges & in between. YOU are putting in overtime, and I SEE you!

After a stellar, informative, engaging professional development session with @mamawolfeto2 today, plus all that my team & I are juggling at school, I needed some rest. I put the seat back, rested my eyes for 30 min., and felt rejuvenated to power through the rest of my day! High five, hugs, and YOU’VE GOT THIS, educators! A break is right around the corner. You deserve it!

Bow-tie: @millcityfineries - support business in Minnesota

Want to show your support to educators & students? Donate to the Educator Chipotle Challenge Fundraiser @gofundme OR #ChipInForEducation

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