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Complex Problems = Simple Solutions

ECC Day 162: The world & some problems we face may be complicated & complex, but those problems don’t necessarily require complex solutions (Adapted from Stephen J. Dubner, Dr. Linda Metcalf, and probably other wise people). The complex problems I’m moving towards solving with the Educator Chipotle Challenge/Fundraiser are: 1) for educators to have the fundamental supplies & materials - purchased with little to no money coming from their pocket - to adequately serve & engage students at school; 2) for educators to hear from students that THEY ARE THE DIFFERENCE; they ARE VALUED & APPRECIATED for every late night grading papers & providing constructive feedback...for every time they show a learner empathy, dedication, and see them as a WHOLE HUMAN; 3) to use this platform - being challenged to eat Chipotle once a day for one year (which I plan to accomplish, @kaeljosephclark) - to GIVE BACK & have a larger world IMPACT, and demonstrate how DAMN GOOD it feels to treat others with KINDNESS & LOVE. #keepitreal

Salad bowl: brown rice, chicken, mild salsa, sour cream, lettuce, vinaigrette

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