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Extra like Guac

ECC Day 250: “Extra like guac”

Don’t worry, guac, I’m extra, too.

*I give extra.

**I care & love extra.

***I take extra Chipotle napkins sometimes.

**I love life extra.

*I’m extra stoked about the impact of the ECC!

**I’m extra thrilled to receive a call from @theellenshow someday, inviting me to share the ECC on her show.

***I’m extra pumped to honor & appreciate teachers this week for all that they do!

**I love @chipotle extra extra!

*I’m “extra” in mostly awesome, enhancing ways! Life is extra deeply special for me that way.

*~*A lil’ extra cilantro or lettuce in mah teefers for later. You’re welcome.

~Today’s caption inspired by @darcinator21

#ChipInForEducation #give #extra to the ECC Fundraiser @gofundme OR

Bowl with black beans, veggies, mild, corn, sour cream, lettuce, then the guac on top. Nope, it didn’t cost extra today.

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