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Feeling the Impact

How are you making people feel today? Help me spread the positive feels!! It’s day 195 (bowl with brown rice, black beans, chicken, mild salsa, sour cream, lettuce) of the Educator Chipotle Challenge, and I’m surrounded by humans who help me feel safe, supported, inspired, comfortable - to be myself, to take risks, learn & grow, and so much more. I know they positively impact how young people feel. I hear it from students, parents, and see it when former students return to campus to visit. Healthy, positive, supportive relationships & connections matter! Set the device aside, have some quality face time with humans in your life! Tend to your bucket, too, so you can help others add to their bucket.

Before you set this device aside, head to the ECC’s site ( or find it @gofundme & #ChipInForEducation THANK YOU!💙

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