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This is how I roll: take 1!

Educator Chipotle Challenge (ECC): “This is how I roll: Take 1” on Day 200! Yep, that’s a 2 and a 0 and another 0...2-0-0 days ALREADY!! ONLY 165 days remain! I rolled my own burrito (brown rice, chicken, mild salsa, sour cream, cheese, lettuce) today, with the help of Chipotle Manager, Jennifer! For the first roll, I give myself a sold “C” grade. I’m aiming for an “A+.” It seems realistic in my mind. 😉

I’m more concerned about reaching closer to the $100,000 ECC Fundraiser goal than I am of eating Chipotle for 365 consecutive days OR recording 53 Educator Shout Out Interviews. Give back and pay it forward to support educators of your kids’, nieces, nephews, grandchildren, educators you grew up with, yourself, and this educational cause; donate to the ECC Fundraiser @gofundme OR #ChipInForEducation

Stay tuned for the full ECC Day 200 video. In the meantime, watch & share the Educator Shout Out Interviews on the ECC’s @youtube Channel. THANK YOU FOR SUPPORTING & BELIEVING IN THE ECC!

#ShoutOut to Jennifer & her crew @chipotle for always providing great service, delicious food, and creating with me on this ECC journey toward cultivating a better world! @stephi1124 for helping to coordinate!

Shout out to @ja.starnes @vaultboardshop for hooking me up with an awesome & meaningful new skate setup. More on this to come!

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