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Thoughts of a JH School Counselor

ECC Day 237: “Thoughts of a Jr. High School Counselor”

*Once you are my student; you’ll always be in my heart, and part of my story.

*I love my students. They teach me patience, effective communication (adults, we have a thing or two to learn), new dance moves, and brighten up my day with a smile, pun, and honorable sportsmxnship on the court. Go staff this Friday in student v. staff b-ball game!

*I love finding notes or drawings from students. They can be quite thoughtful.

*How do 8-10 relatively small tires hold up a gigantic airplane?!

*Wow, it’s so cool that we can fly to different parts of the world. Thoughts of my next adventure.

*I am a fellow educator to Sharon Preves, as well as her friend and former student. Wild. Awesome. Full circle impact.

*I could go for some froyo or chocolate.

*Happy Earth Day!

Let’s rally to raise $100,000 to support educators & students by August 28, 2019! A lot can happen in 128 days. Educator Chipotle Challenge Fundraiser @gofundme or #ChipInForEducation

See ECC Fundraiser update on @youtube channel

Burrito with chicken, mild salsa, sour cream, lettuce

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